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5 Questions Customers Ask about Fiberglass Windows

New windows are such a large investment and homeowners want to make sure they are getting the best products. When it comes to choosing replacement windows in Mesa, AZ, finding the right window material is always a top concern. The material impacts strength, longevity, efficiency, and aesthetics. To make sure you are able to feel confident in your decision, here are some information about fiberglass windows.

1. How are Fiberglass Windows Made?
Fiberglass is a highly versatile material. It is used in soft products like insulation, and harder products like doors and windows. Much like vinyl, the manufacturing process depends on the application. For fiberglass windows the material is fabricated by a process called protrusion. Strands of fiberglass are woven together and covered with a fiberglass veil and resin. The pieces are cut and fused together with corner blocks for clean, tight, and resilient joints.

2. What are the Benefits of Fiberglass Windows?
Fiberglass windows can give you the strength of aluminum, the low maintenance needs of vinyl, and the aesthetics of wood windows. Some of the key benefits include optimal energy efficiency, longevity, and durability. They hold up well, even in the extreme heat of Mesa, AZ. And they are resistant to moisture, pests, rust, dents, and corrosion. And aesthetically, though the material is thin and light weight, it has incredible strength. You can get more glass and less frame!

3. How do I Maintain Fiberglass Windows?
When it comes to windows, these are as low maintenance as it gets. Basically, you only need mild detergent and water to clean the frames and a commercial glass cleaner to wash the panes. And, depending on the finish you choose, you can get wood cladding inside or outside so you can refinish your windows if you want a new look.

4. Do I Get Style and Color Options?
Absolutely! In the early stages of development, fiberglass windows were only released in limited sizes, styles and colors. But now you can get fiberglass windows as casement, awning, hopper, bay, bow, sliding, single hung, double hung, and more. And because the modern material is even stronger, you can choose from a variety of sizes as well. Best of all, you are not limited in your color options. Most manufacturers have a variety of finish options in a good range of neutrals. Or if you have more unique tastes, you can choose a raw finish on fiberglass windows that you can paint and seal yourself.

5. How much do Fiberglas Windows Cost?
Fiberglass windows in Mesa, AZ are probably some of the most expensive on the market, though it really depends on the size, style, and glazing options you choose. Keep in mind that these windows are built to last and give you some of the best energy savings. So while there is a higher upfront cost for fiberglass windows, they will have lower costs long term.

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