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5 Necessities to Consider When buying Patio Doors

Many homeowners focus on the features of the front door, carefully planning the first impression their home will make. What they often forget is taking the same time and consideration when it comes to choosing patio doors. They have an equally large impact on the look and feel of your home in Mesa, AZ. Are your old patio doors foggy, sticky, and old? It might be time to find some new ones. If so, here is what you need to think about:

1. Think about Style

This is probably the first thing you will consider, and it can be a major factor. You don’t want to just settle for a standard option. When considering design you not only want to think about dimensions but also functionality. Sliding, hinged, and bi-parting patio doors all come with pros and cons. If you don’t have much space around the patio doors, you might choose sliding doors. Hinged and bi-parting patio doors offer a great, traditional look. However, these options do require a little more space to swing open and closed. If you like the look of hinged doors, but don’t have the space, you might even consider folding patio doors, which open wide and fold neatly out of the way.

2. Find the Right Material

Style is just the start. You also have to think about what your patio doors will be made of. Choices depend on several factors, and you have to decide what is most important to you. With fiberglass, you get excellent strength and insulation, and can even choose the look of real wood. However, these patio doors have a higher price tag. Aluminum is lightweight and cost effective but is not a great thermal insulator. A good balance is vinyl. This construction grade plastic is durable, resilient, and won’t break the bank.

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3. Save in Energy Expenses

Any breaks in the exterior envelope of your home, like windows and doors, are susceptible to air leaks and energy losses. You don’t want a cheap exterior door that has horrible energy performance. Instead of wasting money, choose patio doors built to resist heat gains and seal off air leaks. This will save you money in energy costs and keep you comfortable inside your home.

4. Choose the right Glass

This is another major component in patio doors. The glass not only contributes to the look and feel but also lets in natural light and can help improve insulation if you make the right choice. There are several tints and coatings you can choose from that reflect harmful UV rays, and inert gas housed between two panes to boost insulation. Read the labels and find the best option for your home.

5. Consider Design Options

Patio doors will be a focal point in any room and will make a statement for years to come. Besides style, you also want to think about grille patterns, color, and decorative glass. Even the hardware on your patio doors can make a statement.

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