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5 Major Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Replacing your windows can make a major difference in your home. It’s exciting to consider the fresh new look and extra lighting that can be added in a room once your new windows are installed. However, many Phoenix homeowners are feeling overwhelmed by the many material options available. One option that has always been popular among both homeowners and professional builders is vinyl windows. This window material comes with a number of benefits that make it a valuable choice while replacing windows. If you are curious as to whether or not choosing vinyl windows in Phoenix, AZ is the right choice, we suggest reading on as we discuss the many benefits this window material provides:

Price: Replacing your windows can be expensive, and many homeowners follow the idea that the pricier the window the better. This, however, isn’t always the case. Vinyl is one material that is both affordable and durable. As you will see throughout this article, there are many factors of vinyl windows that allow them to last twice as long as other windows. Longer lasting windows mean they don’t need to be replaced as often, saving you money in the long run. Vinyl windows also have a better starting price than most window options.

Energy Efficiency: Another benefit of vinyl windows that help save you money and reduce your carbon footprint is their incredible energy efficiency. Vinyl windows expand and contract according to the weather, meaning they fit the needs of their surroundings. Their tight seal helps keep heating and air conditioning in your home, instead of having them slowly leak out costing you hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill.

Increased Resale Value: It’s rare that homeowners choose one option when there is another that can quickly increase their resale value. Vinyl windows return up to 80% of their original price thanks to their added resale value on your home. Those shopping for a new home know that new vinyl windows will reduce their electricity bill and keep them from having to purchase new windows, which is why they are usually willing to pay a little extra.

Less Exterior Noise: Vinyl windows typically come with double or triple pane glass. Not only do these extra thick windows help insulate your home, but they also keep the majority of the noise outside where it belongs, keeping your home nice and peaceful.

Low Maintenance: Other windows like wooden frames, require extra maintenance fairly often. With all that repainting, sanding, and repairing, your windows can quickly feel like an extra chore. Vinyl windows require practically no maintenance, and only need to be occasionally washed with soapy water, saving you plenty of time and effort.

If you still aren’t sure if vinyl windows are the right option for you, it’s always wise to speak to a window professional. At Freelite Inc our trained staff can help answer any questions you may have, as well as provide you with a free in-home consultation! To receive your consultation just call (602) 233-1981, or visit us in person at 331 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85003.