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5 Main Reasons Your Windows Will Fail

When getting replacement windows, timing is everything. It can make all the difference when it comes to saving money on a prudent investment or losing money by waiting too long. As long as you know why your windows fail and what to watch for, you will know when the time is right. Here are the top reasons why your windows might fail:

  1. No Weather Stripping

Many older windows do not employ weather stripping, at least in the sense that we do today. Instead, windows were only “sealed” with a wood on wood contact, or metal on metal. By current standards, this is unacceptable. Imagine the air leaks you would get without a properly sealed window. All modern windows employ some form of weather-stripping and are tested for air infiltration. They are given a rating of cubic feet per minute per square foot. This tells you how much air passes through the window with a constant 25 mph wind blowing against it.  Most professionals recommend a CFM rating lower than 0.3.

  1. Seal Failure

Windows with multiple panes have insulated glass units (IGUs) that are sealed together to prevent outside air from getting in. Typically, manufacturers seal an inert gas between the panes, like krypton or argon gas. These have more density than regular air and improve insulation. But over time the seals on these IGUs break down. Normal air replaces the inert gas and not only is it less efficient, but it also contains moisture. You might notice the widows fogging up between the panes or a milky white appearance to the glass.

  1. Cracks

Glass can break for any reason, but two of the main causes with windows are impacts and stress cracks. If you strike a window hard enough, it will break and you will need to get a new insert or replacement windows. Stress cracks, unlike those caused by impact, seem to happen for no reason. They typically happen in colder climates, but still many processionals aren’t sure where they come from. Any broken glass on a windows means you will have leaks and window failure. If you notice a crack in the glass, you will want to start thinking about getting it replaced.

  1. Frame Degradation

Wood window frames are especially vulnerable to rot in moist climates. That doesn’t mean you won’t encounter this problem in Phoenix, AZ. Extreme heat and sun exposure can also make windows brittle or warp the frame material. As this happens, you might experience seal and window failure. Watch closely for signs of rust, rot, mold, or warping.

  1. Pests

Insect infestation can be hazardous in many ways. And it isn’t just insects you have to watch for. Smaller, furry creatures can also wreak havoc on your home if you are not careful. The installation of replacement windows allows you the unique opportunity to examine the rough opening and treat the area for infestations. That way, you can get rid of the problem before the new windows are installed.

Most homeowners don’t consider Phoenix replacement windows unless they are unhappy with the performance of their old windows because new windows are such a large investment. You want to be sure you are getting the best value. Call Freelite at (602) 233-1981. Our professionals will stop by for a free, in-home evaluation to help you get started. We can recommend the right products for your needs and budget and meet the highest standards of excellence. Or you can come look at some of our products by stopping by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.