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5 Lesser Known Facts about Vinyl Windows

If you are considering replacement windows, you know there are several options to consider—style, material, color, coatings, etc. Perhaps there are too many options. The information can be overwhelming. So here is a simple breakdown of a few things you might not have known about modern vinyl windows.

  1. Vinyl is Durable

Vinyl window frames are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and while it is a plastic, it’s strong. The material is not affected by extreme temperatures or moisture—both of which can do a lot of damage to other materials. It also has an exceptional lifespan and requires little maintenance. It will not rot or be infested by pests and there won’t be any warping, either. You will never need to scrape, sand, and repaint. Vinyl is a great option if you want your windows to maintain energy efficiency and stay looking like new for years to come.

  1. Vinyl is Affordable

When it comes to materials, vinyl is one of the most affordable options on the market. It is easier to manufacture, lighter weight, and has a quicker installation time. All of this cuts down on the cost to you as a customer. Vinyl can also give you a great return on your investment, catching the eye of potential homebuyers should you try and sell.

  1. It is Energy Efficient

Standard windows typically lose about 30 percent of your energy expenses, but vinyl windows are excellent thermal insulators. Heat does not transfer well through the material, which is a good thing for you. This means you can keep the cool air in and the warm out. They can help reduce your energy expenses, saving you a lot of money in the long run. But you want to make sure you choose the right manufacturing with tight seals, proper insulation, and the right glass.

  1. Vinyl Windows are Recyclable

Are you green conscious? Not only will vinyl windows cut down on energy use, but you can also recycle them. Manufacturers can melt the material down and remold it in to new products. Companies even recycle the scraps from manufacturing.

  1. Vinyl Windows come in an Assortment of Styles and Colors

While it is true vinyl is strong, it is also pliable. Manufactures can mold it into nearly any shape. This means you have even more options and can customize. Color is another thing that can vary. Manufacturers use tints and pigments to color the vinyl. You get a number of options, most of them neutral with a few bold colors. But you cannot paint or stain vinyl later. So once you choose your color, it is the one you will keep until you get replacements.

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