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replacement windows in Phoenix AZ

5 Basic Steps for Replacement Windows

When deciding on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ the process can be overwhelming. It is an expensive project and there are a lot of decisions to make. If you feel like you don’t even know where to start, you are not alone. Because getting replacement windows doesn’t come around often, many homeowners aren’t sure where to begin. So here are some basic steps you can follow to start the process.

1. Gather Inspiration

Start by looking at your home and pinning down the architectural style. Is it traditional or more modern? Figuring this out will help you find windows that complement the design. Then you want to look around and figure out what types of windows you like and don’t like. Gather images from online or drive around your neighborhoods to see what window styles are common, what stands out, and what appeals to you the very most. Build a collection of images as something you can reference throughout the process.

2. Start Your Research

Once you have a general idea of what you are looking for it is time to start some research. Go online and figure out what certain window styles are called and what their functionality is. You also want to familiarize yourself with the different window materials and glazing technologies. It sounds like a tall order, but going into a consultation with some prior knowledge will be a significant help in narrowing things down.

3. Budget and Save

Your research will also give you a general idea of what replacement windows can cost. This is the point where understanding the various materials, styles, and glazing options will help you prioritize the features that matter most for your project and give you a good baseline to establish a budget. You also want to be on the lookout for companies that offer financing options or seasonal discounts. And once you have a budget in mind, you can start saving.

4. Schedule a Consultation

Sitting down with a window design expert is the next step. A design consultation will help you navigate the nuances of different products and get professional advice on what products might work best for the local climate, your personal tastes, and your budget. Talking through the specifics will also give you a chance to go over any lingering questions you might have about replacement windows. Once you pin everything down you will have a more accurate quote. And it is advisable to get quotes from two or three different companies so you can compare not only the pricing but also the level of customer service and other benefits. All this information should make it easy to decide which company you want to move forward with.

5. Schedule Your Installation

After you have compared quotes and decided who to work with, it is time to sign the contract and schedule your installation. During the busy season, it can take six to eight weeks for products to show up from the manufacturer. Once the products arrive the installation crews can usually get the entire job complete in two or three days depending on the number of windows and the difficulty of the installation.

For more advice about getting started on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact Freelite Inc. With over 30 years in the business our experts can help you find the right products at the right price.