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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

10 Signs You Need New Windows

Not many people realize they need new windows until it is too late. Little do they know that putting off the project will actually cost the more in the long run. It is better to get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ sooner. Here are a few signs to watch for that will tell you when the timing is right.

1. Visible Damage

Are the window frames chipping and faded? Do you notice any rot, rust, or corrosion? Have the windows fallen out of square? If windows do not look good, it is probably time for an upgrade.

2. Broken Glass

Broken glass on a window is never a good sign. Even if your windows have two panes of glass and only one is broken, you still need to replace it as soon as possible.

3. Drafts

Air leaks are a common problem for old windows. As the windows age the materials wear out and gaps in the assembly start to form. And once air can pass freely from the inside to the outside you will have a number of other problems on your hands.

4. Leaks

Moisture damage is a major problem. Any time water leaks inside the home it can lead to rot, mildew, and mold. If you notice a leak, you will want to get it repaired quickly before leaks can cause substantial damage to the walls, floor, or substructures of your homes.

5. Sticky Operation

Windows should open and close with ease. This is not only a convenience, but also a safety concern. Sticky windows that are difficult to operate could put you and your loved ones at risk in case of an emergency. This is one reason why you don’t want any windows to be painted shut.

6. Condensation

Condensation isn’t always a problem. Every once in a while you might notice condensation from humidity in the bathroom or kitchen, and that is totally normal. What is not normal is condensation forming between the window panes. The only way to fix this problem is with window replacement.

7. Expensive Maintenance

As windows age they require more maintenance. And as the years go by, it can be more and more difficult to find the right parts for repairs. Modern windows are made from better materials that last longer. They require less maintenance and are easy to keep looking new.

8. Noise Pollution

This will be an even more obvious problem if you live on a busy street or near an airport. Noise pollution travels easily through old windows. But modern technologies on replacement windows can help reduce unwanted noise transmittance so your house remains quiet and peaceful.

9. Lack of Security

Old windows lack the safety and security features of modern windows. New products have stronger frames, more durable locks, and safety glass to better protect the occupants.

10. Energy Efficiency

Notice your utility bills increasing each and every month? This could be from the window leaks. The HVAC system is especially costly to run, and if that cool air is going right out the window, your system has to work even harder to keep the home comfortable.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

If you notice any of these problems, it is time to think about replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. For more information about the right products for the area, contact Freelite Inc.